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September 2011



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Sep. 11th, 2011

September 11th, 2011

This has nothing to do with the fact that is the 10th anniversary of the first time we were bombed on our turf. This is just about my day.

Well, I woke up late for starters. I went to bed at 4:00 AM. I figured my alarm would wake me up at 8:00 AM, the time I like to wake up on weekends. I was wrong. I slepy right through it. I woke up at 1:00 PM.

I like to watch anime in the morning and only in the morning. The afternoon is when I do my long term school work and socialize. On days I oversleep, I don't do anything. I was also very very sick today. A while ago I went to the doctor's, and she said it was allergies. Yeah, well the medication she gave me isn't working. Can allergies really give me a fever and have me constantly shaking? I don't mean that as rhetorical. Whenever I ask someone, they don't believe me that it gets like that.

I really should have worked on my summer work. I told myself I was going to, but getting up late discouraged me. I'll have to rush through it tomorrow.

Other than that, I talked to a few friends. That's about it.

What an exciting day!

Why Weeaboos Exist

This is kind of a sequel to my last journal entry. It came to my mind while writing that.

Weeaboos are a huge annoyance. Everyone hates them except for other weeaboos. It seems that America and Canada have the highest amount of weeaboos in the world - not to say that there aren't others in other countries. As a former American weeaboo, I can tell you why I was a weeaboo to begin with. I think this applies to other weeaboos as well.

First off, Japanese pop culture makes Japan look like a great place. American pop culture makes America look like a rat hole. Japanese anime is what usually pulls our interest in. It's popular throughout the world. I can't really explain what image it gives Japan, but it's a good image. Past there, there is J-Drama and J-Music. Japanese pop idols are very real. Nobody cakes ridiculous looking make-up on them and makes them dance around almost naked. J-Pop idols look natural and cute, rather than looking like whores. Also, music videos represent a clean looking Japan or fun and cute stuff (Note: I am speaking for the J-pop Idols that are constantly making the Oricon charts). Japan seems to glorify youth, purity, and education. The mainstream pop culture for America is disgusting. Most music videos show a run down ghetto area. America makes damn sure that their idols look as fake as fake can get. And most female artists dance around half naked in their videos. Songs seem to be about sex or drugs. I am trying to watch a music video. If I wanted to watch porn, I wouldn't be on Youtube. Based on this, America glorifies sex. Our country is called prude for telling our children that sex is bad, but if you take one look at our pop culture, it's everywhere. As a weeaboo, this pissed me off. Hell this still pisses me off.

Also, there is lack of rich culture in America. Here in America, we are a mix of many cultures. As a result, we do not have one of our own. My relatives have been here since the very beginning. I have nothing interesting to back me up. I am English and German, but European cultures are usually not held close. Especially since my ancestors came here to get the hell away from it. There is nothing like traditional clothing or festivals or any of that. The kind of rich culture that Japan has fascinates a weeaboo. Weeaboos do not usually have a rich culture of their own to enjoy, so they wish to become part of another one that they got into through means of anime.

Now, weeaboos have some weird idea that if they move to Japan, they're suddenly Japanese. I really have no clue why this in their minds. It was in my mind too when I was a weeaboo. Reality hits the majority that go there when they realize they can't go into some stores because they're foreign, but let's keep that a surprise.

For the record, I stopped being a weeaboo when I realized there are as many assholes in Japan as there are in America. Japan is not the holy land. It is just like every other nation. It has very good things about it. It has its good sides. But it also has it's bad sides, and its share of douchebags. Just like everywhere else.

My Interest Crisis

For the longest time, I've been interested in anime/manga and all aspects of Japanese culture. I used to be a huge weeaboo. I used to wish I was Japanese and I hated my culture and roots. After a while, I realized how ridiculous I was being. How could I dis my ancestors for a couple of songs and a few cartoons? I'm related to people who were very important - George Washington and Winston Churchhill - and I took no pride in it. Now I'm proud to be related to two great leaders. I'm proud of my English and German roots. Despite finally coming to this conclusion, I had no interest in cultures other than Japan and Korea for a very long time. An Asian friend of mine didn't help any, dragging me deeper into Asian culture.

I noticed lately that my interest is dwindling. I don't know if it's just that I'm not interested though. I've read rants from Asian people saying that they hate when non-Asians try to act like they're a part of their culture. I know that most Asians don't mind if non-Asians are mildly interested in an aspect of it, but I'm pretty sure the wildly obsessed ones bother them. I think that is completely understandable. Asians have held their culture close to them for many years. If I was a part of a culture like that, I would hate it if people that were not a part of it tried to act like they were. Because of this, I feel like I should step back a bit. I should stop being obsessed with a culture that's not mine and try to get into a mine a bit more. I'm seriously clueless when it comes to American pop culture. Last time I listened to the radio was three years ago. That was the last time I heard a mainstream song. The only recent TV show I watch is My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, but that's thanks to the internet. The most recent movie I saw was Toy Story 3, but that's because of my love for the first two Toy Story movies, which came out a long time ago.

Don't get me wrong. I will always love Morning Musume and my favorite anime, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters, but I think that I should take a little break. I want to come to love my own culture, whatever that is. I want to balance my interest in anime and J-pop with Western things.